Friday, July 1, 2011

carolina countdown

so, june has been a month of ups and downs.


i have been seeing more of my friends
my sister is home from college & i've been having fun with her
i've been working out a lot


justin has been in south carolina, and i've been here
my eating habits need a bit of a makeover
i've been stuck in a reading rut

so, what's the plan now?

a little mini life makeover, that's what! (you know how i love my life makeovers... they're probably one of my most favorite things ever.)

and what is going to facilitate this makeover? a COUNTDOWN (another one of my favorite things... basically a list of practically anything is one of my favorite things, even if it is just a list of days until something happens).

so, drumroll please, i give you:


34 days for me to...

1. get in really good shape
2. have a good relationship with food
3. finish GWKTHN
4. start (and hopefully finish) at least 2 of the emily giffin books
5. clean out my wardrobe
6. hang out with friends a lot
7. self-tan (because i don't want to get skin cancer)
8. i think that's enough tasks - i don't want to get bogged down and sleep instead of doing any of these things

i am hoping to update you periodically while this countdown is occurring. but i'm not going to promise that, because then i may get bogged down and sleep instead of doing any of these things (see number eight above).

so there you have it.

the carolina countdown begins...


... NOW.

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