Thursday, June 9, 2011

me + money = me spending money

I want these:

What do y'all think? Right now I am on a 10-day absolutely no spending ban (inspired by Natalie via Twitter), so of course I'm happening upon tons of things I want to buy. These shoes I have looked at before and loved, and told myself no, and now I have happened upon them again. I just really like them. And what I really like about them is that I would wear them in the winter with tights. I pretty much want to wear these shoes every day.

I guess I'll just have to hope they're still there when my spending ban is over. And plus, they're only $32, which I think is a pretty good deal, ok?

I also want to buy the new Death Cab album, which will also have to wait til the 10 days are over.

Do you sense a pattern here? Is it worth going on a spending ban if all I'm doing is collecting items on a list to buy when the ban is over?


Meagan Shack said...

I went on a spending ban for a week. I mean i still put gas in my car and bought toilet paper when we ran out. But I didn't go shopping or buy new nail polish or make up or go out to eat for the whole week. I ate at home or ate at my parents house. The result... I had $300 left over from the last pay period when I got paid yesterday. I normally live paycheck to paycheck. It's worth it.

Haley K said...

Regarding the things you fall in love with (the fab shoes and the Death Cab CD), wait and then yes, get them! but doing the 10-day-no-spending thing will help you not splurge on little things that you may not really want later...does that make sense? :) And THOSE SHOES are fabulous! the studs, the leather, the platform wedge...perfect :)

and thanks for entering and being up for the pay it forward challenge! :)