Monday, June 6, 2011

a little trip recap

my job on the road for our trip was 'navigator.' and this is what i was staring at for most of our interstate time.

we woke up really early on thursday to get on the road. we had a couple of stops before we headed east for the long journey to greenville, south carolina. i was really excited, as i had never been to the carolinas before, although i had wanted to for about five years. on the way, we stopped in jackson to eat at keifer's, after calling kara and getting the reccomendation for lunch. we were happy with our food (a gyro for me and a soup and sandwich for justin), and we were in and out in about 15 minutes, which was good as we had a long road ahead of us that day.

about eleven hours, many miles, and a first-time experience with five guys burgers (YUM) later, we rolled up into greenville. we were exhausted, delirious, and happy to finally have reached our destination.

the next day, we had lunch at brick street cafe. good food, good conversation, and a great locale. downtown greenville was SO cute. i loved it, and i really wish i would have had more time to walk around and stop into all the shops. i can't wait to go back and get more acquainted with the area.

then, it was on to charlotte, where we were staying for the weekend. this was another milestone for me, as i had never been to this particular state. it was gorgeous. mountains, trees, southern charm, and hydrangeas in almost every yard. charlotte reminded me a lot of dallas, with its trendy restaurants and high rise apartment buildings. we had dinner at vivace, where we enjoyed delicious food (creamy gnocchi, sangria, lemon cellos, risotto, and spaghetti and meatballs) and a really cool atmosphere. i really enjoyed our conversation, too. it was a great night and i had a really great time.

saturday was a day for shopping at concord mills (just like grapevine mills!). justin is so good to me for letting me fill our day up with shopping and starbucks. that guy really knows what i like. we both found some great deals and walked back to the car with many bags and sore, tired feet.

after a rest at the hotel, we headed out for dinner at azteca, a delicious mexican restaurant that was really close to our hotel. i loved this place! it had a cozy, authentic atmosphere, and yummy dessert! somewhere i'd really like to revisit.

sunday was a day of tears and stress. not only was i anxious to fly, i was extremely sad to be leaving justin behind as i made my way back home. after crying all the way through security (and for a while after making my way to the gate), i finally settled down and focused my attention on lisbeth salander.

when i arrived in shreveport, i was almost crying tears of joy (yes, i am extremely dramatic). my parents greeted me at the baggage claim, then took me to eat at another broken egg. then, it was nap time.

all in all, it was a very fast-paced, enjoyable trip, that just didn't last long enough. i'm looking forward to my return in august, when i'll get to see more of greenville.


A Lost Feather said...

i'd loooove to go to greenville it sounds lovely :) road trips are the bessssttt.. but 11 hours that's rough after doing that trip doesn't an hour in the car sound like nothing? so funny.

and yessss.. five guys.. declicioussss

Natalie said...

I love Greenville! Such a great city. It sounds like a wonderful, wonderful trip.