Friday, June 3, 2011

day in the life: eventful sunday

a little peek at last sunday.

8 a.m. church with my family

9:15 a.m. another broken egg for breakfast

{mom's delicious-looking hot chocolate}

10:30 shopping

{i resisted the candy!}

12:00 p.m. justin & i went shopping

1:30 p.m. time for a little lunch at jason's deli

{salad bar creations & me with ice cream... i am a little kid at heart}

not captured on camera:
sunday drive with justin to his house
shopping trip to drug emporium with mom
taking the doggies for a walk in the neighborhood

i loved this day - it was eventful & productive.
the kind that leaves you feeling tired at night, but also accomplished.

the perfect sunday.

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