Wednesday, May 18, 2011

today's fortune

justin & i have been able to go to lunch together a lot this month, since he is on a rotation here in our hometown. oftentimes, we laugh when trying to figure out where to go, because we always end up at one of my favorite sushi places, ichiban. so, of course, when he called me today to ask if i was available for lunch, i was secretly hoping we'd end up there again. and we did.

so, here's today's fortune, hanging out on the plate with that ginger stuff that i never eat.

this fortune came at a good time for me, because i'm guilty of being one of those people who never feels that what they have to contribute is enough. as a result of this insecurity, i tend to procrastinate on -- or worse, forego completely -- various tasks. i think it's important for me to get past this obstacle, for so many reasons, but mainly because i don't want any hangups to prevent me from giving my all.

the goal should not be perfection. the goal should be your best effort.

easier said than done, i know, trust me. but, if you're anything like me, this thought will -- at the very least -- comfort you. it's ok to be normal. it's ok to give a normal amount of effort and achieve normal results. you don't have to hit the ball out of the park on every single task you sit down to. in fact, that's rather impossible, if you ask me. so let's concentrate on doing our best. and let's also concentrate on the fact that 'our best' does not directly translate into 'perfect.'

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