Friday, May 27, 2011

this weekend's craft project

i have a lot to do this weekend, what with a possible (allllllmost for sure) trip to south carolina next week, but i have decided to set aside a little time to make one of these awesome hex nut bracelets.

i can't remember where i first ran across this, but these little hardware creations have been popping up across the my daily reads. they're cool because you can make them with any color twine & they could really be personlized by adding other jewels as well. i'm loving the wrap style. i'm really excited to make one of these!

go here for directions to make your own. and let me know if you've made one & if you were pleased with the results. i'm so glad that i've run across - i feel like many a craft day are going to stem from their fresh, creative site.


JW said...

Can I come make one with you?

lrs said...

yes ma'am, you most certainly can! i'll let you know when i'm planning on doing it.

nikkibit said...

Let me know if it turns out! I wonder if they are a little heavy.. probably makes a nice sound though! haha

the fabulous girl said...

oh heyyy. i'm just now catching up on my reads, but i made some of these. love. love. love.

it was important to find the shiny ones and not the duller colored pieces that the hardware store overstocks.
how did yours turn out?