Friday, May 13, 2011

this terrifying girl loves her beauty products...

especially when they come in the mail. for example, this is the facial expression that resulted from my very first birchbox arriving in the mail yesterday. i walked into the kitchen with my mom and sister, saw the box chillin on the countertop, and immediately forced my sister to take this (quite terrifying, if i do say so myself) picture:

as if that wasn't enough over-zealous cosmetic consumerism, feast your eyes on the frantic joy depicted in the following image, which was the result of a trip to ulta on my lunch break:

what could have caused this? well, none other than these little babies, which i have been coveting for well over three weeks. seriously. i'd go on the nyx web site, add them to my basket, then decide i didn't deserve them for some reason (who knows why). i'd go on the ulta web site, add them to my basket, and repeat the last step of the previous sentence. they were even being offered for 50% off on cherry culture. the reason i didn't scoop them up that time? the shipping would have cost more than the products themselves. frustrating, i know.

that's right, ladies and gentlemen. i am now the proud and excited owner of the nyx jumbo eye pencil in the following shades: pots & pans, milk, and iced mocha.

iced mocha is by far one of my most favorite colors, EVER. i have this particular color in the eye shadow variety as well, and seriously y'all... if your skin tone is flattered by cool, greyish-brown, you will hit the jackpot if you try this color out. LOVE.

milk is one of those colors you just kind of have to have. it works great as an eyeshadow base if you're going to be using really vivid colors. it's convenient for popping right under your brow bone as a highlight. it works well for inner-corner/tear duct area highlighting as well. 

pots & pans... this one's reasoning went a little something like this: pots & pans.. what a cute little whimsical name... i love that. i need to have it in my collection. oh, wait, what color is it? ohhhh ok, cool. silvery gray. i can use that. right? well, whatever.  

i told myself that when i went into ulta that i wasn't allowed to go anywhere in the store except the nyx section. not only did i break that rule by swatching nearly every color of the urban decay naked palette on the back of my hand, but i ended up buying another item as well. there is no hope for me, seriously.

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