Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Playlist + Picture Medicine

yesterday's playlist can be found here:

and here are some pretty pictures:

i want all of these outfits. 
 i love this floral dress & cardigan combo.
(still craving millions of cardigans - still haven't bought one).
 all of these combos make me think of the fun spring/summer adventures i'll have this year.
i would love to own these toms. 
 hello, michael cera. you are hilarious.
i want to watch 'youth in revolt' now.
 fruiti yogo. i'm addicted to sweets.
who wouldn't want to drink out of a mustache mug? 
i need to organize all of my things like this.

{all images via tumblr, except the one from fruiti yogo, which belongs to yours truly}

have a good day.


KB said...

Love those drawings in the first picture. I want to wear all of them too!


nikkibit said...

I love everything you've collected here!!! That floral dress and cardigan look perfect together! I especially like the leather strapped bracelet. Super cute!
I like the flowered toms, it would be really fun to paint some yourself even!
PS: If you get a chance, enter my giveaway!