Monday, May 23, 2011

mid-morning office reflections

while i was sitting in my office this morning, i leaned back in my chair and asked lindsey if she thought it was storming outside.

i should probably give you a bit of background: our office is basically a closet. there are absolutely no windows. and the building we work in is made of concrete. in fact, to get to my office, you have to pass through a door in her office. so yeah, i'm in a closet. we NEVER know what it looks like outside, unless we go down the hall and around a couple of corners.

so, after i asked her if she thought it was storming, i went on to say,

'i just feel like it's storming outside.'

you know what i'm talking about? there's a certain feeling associated with stormy weather, right? and how could i be feeling it if it wasn't storming outside?

i still haven't checked to see if it is - in fact - storming outside. or at least raining.

but i'm hoping that it is.


nikkibit said...

That's so sad you can't see outside! What a depressing environment :( I used to complain because my windows don't open in my classroom, but at least I can prop the door open!

Natalie said...

These pictures make me wish we were having a storm! There's something so fun about it every once in a while.

Sarah said...

I have a classroom with no windows and it is terrible. I hate not even having a window to stare out if I want to.

Belly B said...

Haha I don't usually like storms but that picture is making storms look really sentimental!

<3 Belly B

Alycia ( said...

i know what you mean with that feeling! i work (when I actually have a job) in an xray department and there are never any windows in any xray dept. it makes me feel like a vampire :)