Tuesday, May 17, 2011

kate spade, among other things

kate spade is having a sample sale today. if i wasn't going on a little trip to south carolina at the end of this month, i'd be scooping up some stuff, including one of these:

head in the sand neda. i'll take one in blueberry.

i'm running on practically zero sleep, but that's because kara and i watched country strong last night. to say i love it is an understatement. it's my second time to view it in as many weeks.

not only does this film satisfy my love for both leighton and gwyneth, but it is also a heartfelt, touching, and geniune story. call me a cynic, but i feel like very few movies now-a-days have a good message... so when ones comes along, i'm intrigued by it and appreciate it more than just any other flick i view in the theater. and of course i'm wondering... why didn't i see this sooner? better late than never, i like to say.


lately i've had a lot on my mind, and not all of it is of substance. for instance, i've been intent lately on re-vamping my wardrobe. namely, filling my closet to the brim with cardigans. i even tweeted the other day, 'my closet is craving millions of cardigans.' and the thing is, i've thought about this, even online window shopped about it, but have taken no action to actually fulfill this 'need.' my subconscious keeps telling me i'm not allowed to shop until i'm in greenville in a couple weeks.

that's another thing that's been on my mind lately: greenville. this little roadtrip that justin and i are planning to take at the end of the month, and which will signal the beginning of his preceptorship (or the beginning of the end, as i like to call it), is something i have been looking forward to for what feels like forever. after this preceptorship is complete, he will graduate from pa school. i never thought this day would come, as it has been much anticipated and longed for (on both our parts, i'm sure).

but with all that excitement comes that seemingly interminable waiting period. we're stuck in limbo. i'm not good at waiting -- i never have been -- but i'm counting on the fact that all this waiting will yield an amazing road trip, a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation from the 'real world,' and an exciting venture to a part of this country i've not yet visited. so, bring the waiting on, i suppose. a little anxiety and impatience will be worth it, i'm thinking.


Sarah said...

I'm just counting the days until I'm done with school for the year. They seem to be moving in ultra slow motion, haha. A road trip sounds amazing and hopefully I'll get to do one someday. We shall see.

Mademoiselle Lala said...

So you recommend the Country Song? I wasn't necessary convinced to watch it when I saw the trailer. Hmm...

Oh these Kate Spade wallet/purse are so cute - I love the yellow one! X