Thursday, May 26, 2011

a few things you may or may not want to know

1. i went 'blog shopping' today & found over 10 new sites to follow. i'm really excited about this. i absolutely LOVE all the blogs i follow already, but i'm always searching for new inspiration & creativity.

2. i am going on a week-long vacation, which starts on friday. it is greatly antipicated & i can't wait to relax & go on adventures - more to come on that later.

3. last night, i sat on a porch & talked to two people for about three hours, and it was time well-spent. it was one of those instances where staying up late (even though i got up at 5:20 to run with jessica this morning) was worth it.

4. jenny has gotten me back into instagram. i love documenting my life. i really do need to pick up a new point & shoot camera so the quality of my documentation can be a little bit better than iphone quality. i will never stop snapping pics with my phone, though. i think it's a very 'real' way to document things.

5. i made an 'editorial calendar' for this little blog, & i plan to blog every single day in june.

6. justin is very close to finishing PA school. he had a test yesterday, is taking another test today, and then he'll begin his preceptorship. and then, 10 weeks later, he will be set to graduate in august. i know he's ready. it's going to be really exciting. and i have the perfect gift planned, which i'm really anxious to give him!

7. old navy is having a sale of the kind that all the clearance items have another 50% taken off of them. that means that i got six clothing items yesterday for under $30, and it's all things that i'm in love with (and for those wondering, YES, i DID buy TWO cardigans). kara got a skirt for 73 cents. i don't even know what to say about that, other than, 'thank you, old navy.'

8. an update on my summer 2011 bucket list: i've made it through two of the seven books i plan to read. i've begun the redesign of my blog (if you couldn't tell, the banner was removed & i just cleaned it up a bit) & created the editorial calendar for said blog (as mentioned above). i've continued training for my 5k goal in september. still working on eating right & consistency with working out. i've been honing my editing skills. and i really feel like i'm making strides in determining and embracing my own personal style.

so, that's that. i hope everyone is having a nice day. it's thursday. that means the weekend's almost here!


Meagan Shack said...

Looks like I'm heading to Old Navy after work. Oh and I haven't left my house without a cardigan in nearly 3 months. I'm obsessed.

Jenny Moreau said...

Cardigans are the working girls LBD. Long & short. I love them. I can't honestly believe you've lasted so long without them!!

Loved this blog.

Natalie said...

Love your list, isn't instagram the best? And I must check out Old Navy!

Marissa said...

You seem like quite the over-achiever, miss! I'd love to take a peak at your new blog follows. I'm always searching for new ones to follow for inspiration and exciting reads. :)
Yay for making an editorial calendar! That's on my to-do list this weekend. You've just inspired me to make sure I get it done!