Monday, May 30, 2011

currently: saturday's post

{this was supposed to go up on saturday - oopsies!}

currently dreaming about:

on monday night, i had terrible nightmares that left me tossing & turning in an attempt to get back to sleep at the wee hour of 3 a.m. they were those nightmares of the kind that leave you feeling scared, even after you are awake and know that they were not reality. needless to say, i was hoping for pleasant dreams for tuesday night.

currently wishing for:

a safe trip to & from south carolina.
and lots of great pictures from said trip.

currently loving to wear:

norts & t-shirts
flip flops
pearl cluster & silver L
dainty earrings

currently listening to:

taylor swift
the black album
kara's summer mix

currently watching:

i haven't really been watching anything lately. i guess i've kind of been on-the-go and action-packed lately. a welcome change from the usual laziness i go around representing. but hopefully soon i'll be finishing 'weeds.' i only have like, six or so episodes left. who knows why i'm procrastinating that. 

currently reading:

the girl who kicked the hornet's nest. and it's going a bit slow right now. they aren't talking about her, and those are the most interesting parts, as any fellow readers would know.

currently spotted:

hanging out at stirfry's on a sunny saturday afternoon.

currently concerned about:

keeping my productivity up.

currently loving:

splitting cheeseburgers meals at rollin in the dough. good company & good food.

currently planning:

outfits to wear in south carolina.

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