Sunday, May 22, 2011

currently: the first in a series of weekly recaps

currently dreaming about:
my living earth app. and the manifestation of said app during my dream about hawaii. it was seriously cool, y'all. just ask justin. i won him over with the coolness of it, thanks to my awesome story-telling skills. i even got a hand-pat after i finished rambling.

currently wishing for:
nars laguna bronzer
estee lauder double wear foundation
a work-from-home job i can do in my pajamas

currently wearing:
'catch me in your net' by OPI on my toes
'e-nuf is e-nuf' by essie on my fingers
straight hair
preppy cardigans
my pearl cluster necklace, with my round silver L

currently listening to:
kara's summer mix
tuesday with L & L: we're back!

currently watching:
need to catch up on grey's anatomy - i've missed the last couple weeks
weeds (almost finished & just in time for season 7 premier in june)
still need to finish dawson's creek. duh.
after the above-mentioned are complete, i'm starting from the beginning with sex & the city.

currently reading:
the girl who kicked the hornets nest, by stieg larsson
i finished the girl who played with fire last night.
all i want to do is read these books.

currently spotted: 
wearing 3D glasses with justin at tinseltown. 

currently concerned about:
little details working out.

currently loving:
that i get to have a 'door desk' like my mom's.
my new run route, as proposed by my dad.
the fact that i'm reading quickly again.
that i have a vacation coming up at the end of this coming week.

currently planning: 
to have a really good relationship with food this week.


linz marie said...

Currently loving this post!!! ;)

Meagan Shack said...

I'm obsessed with you. I get hand pats all the time. They make me absolutely certain that I'm failing at whatever I'm doing.