Tuesday, April 19, 2011

to whom it may concern: reading, sleeping, hunting, lugging, simplifying... etc...

{from my parents' back yard - beautiful}

i haven't updated you on my life lately, so here goes:
1. currently reading 'the facebook effect' and 'the girl with the dragon tattoo' simultaneously. i'm really backed up on reading, and i'm trying to get caught back up. i want to read the emily giffin books this summer (other than 'something borrowed' and 'something blue,' which i have already read and loved). also on the list is 'black heels to tractor wheels,' which was recommended for me by my friend sarah. i'm also currently reading the bible.

2. tonight i'm attending titus and mr. butter's obedience school graduation. i know their moms are nervous, but i think they are going to do great! pictures to follow tomorow. i'm really excited about this!

3. justin is coming home this week and will be on a rotation here all of may... i'm so excited that he will be here - he's been out of town on rotations for three months! i'm also anxious to see where he will be doing his preceptorship.

4. my sleeping patterns are seriously out of wack. yesterday, i got in bed at seven and stayed there til eight this morning. that is seriously not ok.

5. the maddening hunt for a prerequisite that is available at a time that will work for me continues. i cried about it yesterday. i'm not giving up, though, even though i am super frustrated.

6. two 5-pound weights were lugged up the stairs by me on return from my lunch break today. that means that i am going to work out throughout the day. i will be at or close to my goal weight by my 25th birthday. i am not giving up. this is serious business, people!

7. tonight (after graduation!) is working out and studying... i have a physiology test thursday night. i'm glad, though, because it's the second to last test in there for this semester... yay!

8. working on simplicity, still. one day i'll get it down.

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linz marie said...

Thanks for attending graduation Miss Lauren! Mr. Butters was soooo excited that you were there to support him on his big day :) You are a great friend.