Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a little note from me

it's true that i have not been frequenting this site much at all lately. it's also true that this makes me extremely sad, and leaves me a bit unfulfilled. i've been trying to figure out what has kept me away from here -- why i don't feel the pull to put myself out there on this particular site.

the only reason i can come up with is that i feel like i'm at a turning point of sorts in my life, and for some reason, this little blog reminds me of the 'past me.' i'm not entirely sure that everyone will identify with that feeling, but i am sure some of you will. just like an activity that you feel at certain points in your life defines you, so has this blog defined me at certain points in the past couple years of my life. as i am ready to leave that part of my life behind me, i am also ready to leave this collection of thoughts, ideas, hopes, etc. behind me.

no need to panic -- i do plan to stick around a while longer. i've decided there's no reason not to continue something i love -- blogging -- just because i'm not totally in love with my current site. so i will continue on this site for the time being. which brings me to my next decision...

i will be making another site. not sure which outlet i will be using (blogger, wordpress, typepad, tumblr... so many to choose from). but i AM going to be working on it to get it up and running exactly as i'd like it to before it goes live. i'm extremely excited about this project, and i can't wait until it is complete!

of course i would absolutely love to have any readers of this current blog follow me over to my 'new home.' for a number of reasons, i am choosing not to broadcast the new location of my musings on this blog or on my facebook page. so please, if you would like to follow along for the next chapter of my blogging journey, e-mail me (sowell.lauren@gmail.com), comment me, or find some other form of communication to reach me, and i'll gladly share the info with you as soon as i've chosen where to set up shop.

as i said, i will be around here a bit longer, and i will let you know when my new project is under way. yay!

with all of that technical nonsense out of the way, how about we all enjoy some music? here is my playlist from today.

if you follow me on here or on facebook, you'll know that my coworker lindsey and i make a 'tuesday with l & l' playlist every... well, tuesday. as lindsey is out of town today (i miss her!), my sister kara so graciously offered up her playlist-contributing services. thank you, kniddy!


Zsara said...

i think everyone goes through phases like this hun - i would say though that maybe instead of changing your site you could just maybe give your blog a re-vamp?

sometimes i love nothing better than re-reading old posts and seeing how far i've come. the same with the blogs i love - i always love reading their first posts to see how they've changed. just an idea though :) xxxx

Jenny Moreau said...

this makes me sad.