Wednesday, April 13, 2011

inspirational thoughts (or maybe just thoughts on inspiration)

for me, the inspiration to write comes at the most random and awkward of times. i keep a phone note that is designed specifically to hold random thoughts (like the one above, which was written as i clumsily bumped along on the shuttle ride from the parking lot to work). i find it both annoying and interesting, in equal parts, that inspiration presents itself this way. most often, i cannot just sit down in front of my computer and flip the 'inspiration switch.' it just doesn't work that way. i am -- and i believe most creative people are -- at the mercy of their own inspirational clock.

i do find, however, that when this inspiration hits, it is one of the best feelings in the world. the moment of clarity when you can see the words bouncing around in your head come to a halt, line up, and make sense is a powerful one. a welcomed one.

so, maybe this is inspiration's way of being elusive and hard-to-get? a way to force all of us to appreciate it. maybe some of us could take a note out of inspiration's book and apply it to our own life and relationships.

i think inspiration may be on to something.

current song: the district sleeps alone tonight (the postal service)
current memory: dodging potholes in the SAE driveway at night


Meagan Shack said...

What note app do you use for your phone?

linz marie said...

Inspiring <3

rebecca said...

good hair days make the day better eh? haha. same here.

the fabulous girl said...