Wednesday, March 9, 2011

to whom it may concern: the busting of sugar, musical education, random facts

happy first day of lent, everyone!

{laura & me playing the michael jackson wii game - i am decidedly horrible at it}

anyone who knows me knows that i pretty much LOVE starting new diets. yes. i love starting them. however, as far as the maintenence of these diets go, my motivation leaves a little bit to be desired.

all of that to say: my mom, dad, and i are embarking on the sugar busters diet for the duration of lent (and hopefully beyond). have you ever heard of this diet? my dad has had success with it in the past, so i am pretty excited about the results. i am equipped with a list of 'feast' foods, 'moderation' foods, and 'forbidden' foods. i also drank my coffee black this morning.

this is going to be a challenge. but i am up for it. i have big plans for march. i'll keep you posted on the (fingers crossed) success of this dieting venture.

in other news, lindsey and i made a pretty kick-a playlist yesterday, aptly titled 'tuesday with l & l.' it's a lovely little list of songs that make the workplace seem a bit more relaxing, in my opinion.

and now, some random factoids:
  • i love wearing black & brown together.
  • i love my new power pumps.
  • i love my march resolutions.
  • i love coffee.
have a lovely wednesday! it's already almost the weekend again.


Alisha said...

Rock on girl!! You can do this. Just try and stay motivated :)

the fabulous girl said...

i super suck at michael jackson, too... but it is too much fun!