Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2011 things i love: march edition

if you know me, you know who i have to thank for this addition to my makeup collection: megan. this isn't a color i necessarily wear every day, but it adds a really nice purple-toned pink color to the lips. it is also matte, which i've grown to really love. i applied this right after i bought it, while still sitting in the ulta parking lot at 9:00 p.m., and i squealed a little when i saw the results. definitely recommended. love the packaging, too.

when justin suggested i watch this show, i'll admit that i was a bit skeptical. little did i know, mary louise parker is the lead role! [once again, if you know me, you will know that one of my very favorite movies is saved!]. justin's claim that this show has a 'gilmore girls' feel luckily proved to be true [gilmore girls junkie right here]. i started watching this show on netflix about two weeks ago [maybe three], and i am already almost done with the third season. i fall asleep watching this show. i watch this show on my lunch break. i'm in love.

i had a not-so-proud moment earlier this month: i missed my hair appointment. hopefully someone reading this entry will identify with me: i LOVE hair appointments. it's like you walk out a completely new person, ready to take on the world with your newly coifed hair. [see this entry for a further affirmation of my obsession with hair]. anyways, the reason for this embarrassing occurrence is that i misplaced my beloved planner. when i finally discovered its location [in my school bag, duh], i was absolutely relieved. but i also wondered: should i start using my phone to keep up with appointments and such? the answer is, i just don't want to. it's so much more satisfying to write down tasks and mark them off or highlight them once they're complete. this means i have to work harder at keeping up with my "date book." this also means i feel a little bit like jane from 27 dresses.

as if you didn't already know, every tuesday for a while now, lindsey and i have taken to making bad-a playlists, aptly named 'tuesday with l & l.' check out my grooveshark to get schooled in musical education. you're welcome.

'nuff said.

i have to thank daci for introducing me to the glorious gym that is fit nation. cardio cinema, tons of machines, 24-hours of operation per day... it doesn't get much better than this.


kendallcrow said...

yes! another weeds lover! my boyfriend and i went through all the seasons so quickly. it was a sad day when we went to blockbuster only to realize that we had finished the last season. i haven't watched it in awhile so it might be time to find it on netflix :)

the fabulous girl said...

i heard a little rumor that they might bring weeds back. but you know how rumors can be...

i'm a hair appointment addict. i have one every four weeks. the last time i missed one i had a nervous breakdown. yesterday, i went and had color done only so it would appear to still look the exact same. i'm currently trying the "ombre" look to cut down on hair costs, but i've had no such luck breaking the habit yet.