Wednesday, February 2, 2011

roommate pasta

when i lived at 2505 with anna claire and jenny, we tried to sit down together at the table and eat sometimes... you know, have little 'family dinners.' it was a time for us to have a home-cooked meal, vent our frustrations, and just generally enjoy each other's company.

there is one recipe that stands out in particular in my memory (probably because i make it all the time now in my 'adult life'). it's a recipe that i believe anna claire's mom came up with - and a recipe that we now refer to as 'roommate pasta.'

i've decided to share it with you today, as i made a batch of it on sunday night. i'm pretty sure the original recipe has purple onions in it, but usually i opt to leave those little babies out.

1 box rainbow rotini
1 bottle catalina dressing (i use the fat free one)
1 bundle of cherry tomatoes
1 large green bell pepper

first, boil the entire box of rainbow rotini.
next, strain the pasta to get rid of excess water.
then, place the pot of strained pasta in the fridge to cool.
while the pasta is cooling, chop up your green bell pepper into little pieces and cut your tomatoes.
next, retrieve the pot of pasta from the fridge, dump in all the veggies, as well as the whole bottle of catalina.
et voila! you have a delicious pasta dish that took very little time to prepare!

bonus: this dish is yummy as left-overs!

thank you so much anna claire, for sharing this recipe. it's one that i think i will always come back to :)


Stefany said...

That looks amazing, I've never used rainbow rotini, but it looks delicious x

Marissa said...

Is this eaten cold? It sounds so yummy! my mom used to use Catalina dressing in recipes and it was deeelish.


Alisha said...

Sounds and looks amazing!! Mmm Mmm pasta! <3<3

lrs said...

thanks girls! if you like pasta, try it out :) it's one of my favorite recipes.

marissa, yes, it is eaten right after it's prepared, and it's a bit chilled, but the noodles are still rather warm. when i eat it as leftovers, i eat it cold. YUM :)