Saturday, February 5, 2011

because i'm on a diet

i don't know about you, but pretty much the minute i start a diet, i am suddenly craving all kinds of scrumptions confections. as soon as i can't have them, they seem that much tastier. that much more decadent. that's part of the reason i like dieting (besides losing weight): it makes me value treats more :)

with that being said, i have been on my diet for a full four days now. did i mention that saturdays are my 'free food' days on this particular diet? yes... that's right... that means that today i can eat and drink what i want! i plan to drink coffee and have a buttercups cupcake (after my workout, that is). sundays are my 'free workout' days, so that means i can either take the day off, or choose what kind of calorie-and-fat-burning activity i'd like to do. i really like this system, and i hope it ends up working out for me :)

so, without further adieu, here are some yummy treats!


dieting is by no means easy for me, but i think i may be able to trick myself into believing it's worth it, if i indulge on saturdays.

i hope everyone gets to eat something yummy today! time for that coffee and cupcake. happy weekend!


Follow Your Heart said...

I hate you for posting this! UGH! I'm on a diet, bahaha. Anyway, I lovelovelove mint oreos!

lrs said...

the second picture gets me every time!

i could definitely eat an entire bag of mint oreos, in one sitting! YUM!