Monday, February 28, 2011

2011 things i love: february edition

with this short and sweet month comes a short and sweet list of things i love.

this may not be the best and most productive of this month's things i love, but boy, have i loved it. there is nothing better than throwing comfy clothes back on, climbing back into bed, and just escaping my to-do list and stresses of the day -- even if it's just for a little bit longer. bonus points if i fall asleep while reading a book.

maybe i'm just proud of myself of something, but my taste in movies has improved exponentially lately. to put this in perspective, i am a person who usually would rather watch a favorite chick flick that i've already seen 87 times, instead of branching out and really watching something i've never seen before. but, as of late, i've been craving things of more substance: dramas, mysteries, thrillers... and, as already stated, mob movies. and do i like the robert deniro ones the most because of my love of him in 'meet the parents?' probably. but, it still counts as an improvement, right? notable movies of this month include 'goodfellas' and 'casino.' i loved both of them. and actually want to watch them again (see? i find something i like and just want to re-watch, and re-watch. and re-watch. and...)

i can't say enough good things about this product. to start, the smell is phenomenal. it's coconut-y and fresh and beachy. i am a person with unruly, frizzy, big hair. this really does help make it a much smoother texture. it also makes it easier to work with (it kind of gives a de-tangler effect). i spritz some on my hair after i get out of the shower, then comb it through with my fingers. i've also been known to spray it onto my dry hair to make it more manageable (and just because i love the smell). bonus? the price.

so there you have it. february was a lovely month! 


Marissa said...

I've always been so nervous to try leave-in conditioners, but I abslutely love Aussie products. Maybe it's worth the shot? You've made it sound so yummy :) hehe


Stefany said...

Must try this aussie leave in conditioner, sounds great!! xx