Friday, January 14, 2011

what it's like to be friends with me, part one

if you happen to be friends with me, you may or may not, frequently or infrequently, be subjected to receiving images on your cellular phone such as the following examples:

the images may pertain to something discussed within the attached message, or it may not. the image may have been sent by pure coincidence, or pure accident. most of the time, if you happen to be a recepient of one of the above-mentioned images, a reciprocal image from yourself will be expected. said image should be equally - if not more- ridiculous, hilarious, embarraassing, or some combination of the three. if said image fulfills said standards, you will more than likely be granted a further response image.

i hope you understand the seriousness of this process.

having outlined these procedures, i will now issue an award, aptly titled 'the person best at sending weird pictures back and forth with me.'

the winner, ladies and gentlemen, is

::drumroll please::

my sister.

maybe it's because goofy/funny/hilarious/creative runs in the family. maybe it's because we are bored sometimes during the day and are searching for something to do... but, as evidenced by the 'picture wars' i have saved to the images section of my phone, i'd say she gives me a run for my money.

and obviously, that's saying something.


Stephanie said...

haha this post made me laugh!! I love sending picture messages too, the weirder the better xx (btw I've followed your blog, I hope you'll check out my new blog on blogger :D)

Little Miss Curious said...

hah, cute shots :)