Friday, January 21, 2011

to whom it may concern... (stuff about yours truly)

resolutions recap.

if you recall, i posted an entry with my 2011 new years resolutions, here. and i have to say, i've been doing pretty well with them.

i am on book 3 of 10 (the accidental billionaires), and it's not even the end of january yet. so far i've read three cups of tea and oogy (thanks for the recommendation, daci). i plan to do reviews of both of these books, so for now i'll just say that they are both uplifting and inspiring - definitely worth a read.

i have also seen the following 'new to me' movies: pay it forward, poison ivy, the crush, and friday the 13th (4/10).

as for weight loss, i could stand to improve on this front. as i was telling justin the other day, i can feel myself falling into the correct mindset, but i'm just not 100% there yet. ideally, i'd like to be working out at least three times per week, and, after this blog post that i read yesterday, attempting clean eating. today is 'day one' of my clean eating adventure, and i'm happy to report that so far, i have managed to make healthy choices. now, lauren, let's keep this up!

i feel like my social butterfly skills have blossomed once again. i've been calling people, texting people, chatting with people, making plans for get-togethers, and, in general, have been more of a people person. i love it.

cooking needs to be taken up a notch. but, i think that will come easily, what with the clean eating initiative.

i'm happy to report that i have definitely managed to be more positive. there have only been a couple days where i let bad feelings get to me. i think this is a daily stuggle for most. it certainly is for me. but at least there is effort being put in. 

as far as attending more football games goes, the other night, mom suggested we get tickets for LSU's opener this year, in september. so, while that is quite a ways away, i'm still looking forward to it, and it still counts toward my resolution! 

oooh! ooooh! i need to start searching for coldplay tickets/checking their tour schedule.

study, study, study.

my first physiology class happened last night. let's start off with the fact that my teacher is extremely smart: she has a PhD in a science-related field, she does research at my workplace, and she lectures PA students on pharmacodynamics. whew! that's a lot, in addition to teaching a nighttime physiology class.

anyways, on our 'overview/intro' lecture last night, were some slides pertaining to chemistry. ok, let's see if i can put this nicely: i hate chemistry. well, let me re-phrase that: i hated chemistry when i took it junior year of high school and made a ::gasp:: C. so you can imagine my immediate reaction when i saw chemistry-related elements on her powerpoint presentation: slight, but definitely present, disdain. i immediately questioned my ability to go through with all this prerequisites nonsense, and, furthermore, all that PA school nonsense. i thought to myself,

'lauren -- who are you fooling? you are no good at science, especially chemistry. remember when you made a C in high school chemistry? remember when you couldn't even make it through a biology lab in college?'

yes, i thought those things, AGAIN. i felt a bit panicked. BUT, then i remembered something. something simple, yet reassuring: i can do this. i can do this, and i will. i'll learn anything i have to learn: chemistry, physiology, even microbiology. all i have to do is set my mind to it. and, i have.

on a positive note.

it's friday, and tonight, justin and i are going with a few of our friends to see 'no strings attached,' have dinner, and just relax in general. i LOVE ashton kutcher, so i'm really excited about seeing his newest big screen venture. saturday, i have a hair appointment, a run scheduled, and a possible mini-roadtrip with justin. sunday is church, a family gathering, and another running date with myself. cheers!


Zsara said...

congrats on your resolutions hon --

as for the science elements of your course - if you ever need a hand please email me. i will do my bestest to help; i know what its like to tell yourself you can't do something (i did it with maths) and then it pooped all over me. you can do this, deep breath and remember people will help you!! love xoxoxo

Marissa said...

Clean eating- you can do it! I promise within just a few days you'll see such a difference and feel so much better! I've been 'clean eating' for some months now and it's incredible how your different your body feels!

You are on a rollll with reading! I'm jealous! Let me know about the Book Club too. I think you would out read us ;)

How was No Strings Attached? I want to see that!