Monday, January 10, 2011

snow daze

when it looks like this outside, i assure you that i will sleep approximately 2/3 of the corresponding day away.

when i'm not sleeping, you can find me at cracker barrel.

indeed, that is how yesterday was spent: sleeping, eating, and watching september 11 documentaries on the history channel with justin.

unfortunately, we were not called off from work this morning. i can't really complain though: i'm pretty sure the most dangerous part of my 5-minute commute was backing down my driveway.

but with this dreary, cold, wet weather comes new inspiration for gmttw, which i have been sorely lacking up until now. i am also missing christmas so very dearly. i need a pick-me-up. so, i am going to focus on that playlist this week, as well as working out and relaxing, as this is my last week of freedom before school starts.

i am working on a little bliggity blog project, and i hope to have that up this week. maybe even tomorrow (or tonight)!

happy monday.

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