Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 things i love

i pretty much do all my best thinking in the shower. tonight was no exception. the topic of my thoughts tonight? things that i currently love. i like to think i'm a person who gets excited about simple things. you know, a new shampoo & conditioner, a new bath & body works scent, a starbucks gift card. i'm definitely one of those people. so, i thought, why not use 2011 as a year to really hone in on all the things i love - discovering what they are, and really celebrating them? that's my plan for this year. and, in light of my post written not so long ago about putting too much on my plate, i'm not going to be too stringent on myself concerning this, but i would like to catalogue the things i love for each month of 2011. i'll keep a running list in my phone each month, and at the end of each month, i'll post the list of loves. i quite like this idea. and i feel like it will help me in appreciating all the simple things in life that i'm sure to love this year.

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