Saturday, January 29, 2011

2011 beauty: january update

the products i've been using this month are in color - the black and white ones are still on the wish list.
*you can't tell, but number nine is in color*

i have to say that january has been a really good month for products (in addition to the ones listed here). i've really been trying to get into a consistent skincare routine, as usually i am just horrid at this particular skill. i am pleased to say that, probably due to my acquisition of clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel (number one),  i can see myself slowly improving on this front. i will be reviewing this product in the near future, but i will say that slathering on this  face moisturizer - right after either washing my face or getting out of the shower - has become one of my favorite things to do. and my skin is already thanking me.

number three, mac face and body foundation, is also a newbie product for me - i've never used it before. this is another product i plan to review, but for now i'll say that this particular foundation is unique, compared to other foundations i've tried out. i'm still deciding how i feel about it, but right now, the cards seemed to be stacked in its favor. 

number nine, l'oreal h.i.p. chrome eyeliner in silver lightning, has been proven absolutely fabulous for its intended purpose: inner corner highlighting. for about a year or so, i have been a huge fan of silvery white pigmentation applied to the inner corner of the eye (or tear duct area) as a means of eye-brightening. this pencil eyeliner is soft, creamy, highly pigmented, and very sparkly. one thing i will say is that you shouldn't use a heavy hand with this product. it is extremely pigmented, so a light sweep will do the trick.

number eleven, milani power lash mascara,  and number sixteen, maybelline falsies mascara, belong together for me. i've been layering these two mascaras all month, beginning with the milani one and supplementing it with the maybelline selection. while power lash adds volume and length on its own, falsies combs through the lashes and lengthens them further. while the two make a great combo, i'm not crazy about falsies on its own - i'm a fan of clumpy, thick mascaras that go on wet and goopy (sounds gross, i know). all in all, i would purchase both of them again, but milani power lash wins this battle.

number thirteen, burberry brit eau de parfum, is an old familiar favorite. i first wore this perfume my sophomore year of college, and it then became my new signature scent (previous one was my sig scent from seventh grade on - elizabeth arden 'sunflowers,' which i still love, by the way). anyone who loves warm, vanilla-y scents is sure to love this delicious scent. i know i do. *thanks to mom and dad for purchasing this as a christmas gift for me this year - i am extremely grateful, and i love it!*

with all that being said, you can see why i'd call january a successful product month. i would recommend any of these products, and i encourage you all to try them out! let me know if you've had any favorable (or unfavorable) experiences with the above-mentioned.

february products wish list:
  • primer - i know tarina tarantino pearl glow is pictured above, but after reading several horrible reviews on sephora (specifically about the product balling up on the skin - gross), i've decided to choose another. names in the running include nars, laura mercier,  and clarins.
  • e.l.f. 12-piece professional brush set - i have not yet owned a brush set, and i feel like this is a good place to start, as this brand is extremely affordable (most items are $1 a piece) and reviews speak highly of them. i'm anxious to see how they work for me; i've made it all these years only using brushes for either powder, bronzer, or blush (with the occasional eye shadow brush thrown into the mix). i'll keep you posted on the results.
so, there you have it. i really enjoyed writing this post, so i'll probably continue on in the coming months.   and be on the lookout for the product reviews mentioned earlier. 

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