Tuesday, December 21, 2010

tacky sweaters, etc.

when i realized today that i missed my blog, i decided it was time to write again. part of the 'simplifying my life' effort is not forcing myself to blog. so i haven't been. so just know that, today, i really want to be here. genuinely.

lately, i have been waking up excited and happy because it's almost christmas! i'm really excited about all the gifts i've bought for everyone. and i'm just plain excited to hang out with my family. and, of course, have a break from work. hello, relaxation!

in the spirit of christmas, the office-mates and i had a 'tacky christmas sweater' party last thursday. if you don't know what a tacky christmas sweater is, please view the photo below:

yep. that pretty much sums it up.

anyways, our party was fun, we laughed at our outrageous sweaters, and we ordered out lunch from tiger bites. yum. i love the portabello mushroom panini! 

and to top it all off, i wore this headband:

which i'm kind of obsessed with. i'm not kidding. i love it. in fact, i'm planning to make others of varying color schemes to wear, for real. think football team color spirit. love it!

i hope you all are having a very nice holiday season - i just love this time of year! i will say this, though - why is it 80 degress today? i want to bundle up in my sweaters and scarves and be cozy by the fire, and that just isn't happening when it's this hot outside. maybe a christmas cold front will come through. here's hoping!

merry christmas and happy holidays from the ontario house.

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Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Yessss, I'm a big fan of the tacky sweater party!