Tuesday, December 14, 2010

new old movie

here is a movie i only just watched for the first time on sunday night with my sister:

that's right. bridget jones' diary.

as the closing credits were rolling, kara looked at me and asked, 'how have we not seen that before?' and you know, i have NO IDEA. it's such a movie that we would like. i'm glad we've finally added it to our repertoire of movies that will surely get over-played, over-watched, and over-obsessed about. now we just need to see the second one.

on another note, i'm happy to say that the task of simplifying my life is going quite well, though i do need to work on both my communication and stress management skills. i hate to say it, but when i get stressed, i take it out on those i'm closest to. i really hate that about myself, and it's something i'm definitely aware of and working on. so, many apologies if you've been one of the attacked... :) as far as the communication goes, i've simply got to start talking the way i used to - i used to be quite an open book, and unfortunately, i feel i've become rather closed off. another thing i do not like in the slightest, which i have control over. i can make all of these changes; i've just got to make an effort.

and for a little comic relief, please help yourself to this gem:

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Steph said...

Ahh I love Bridget Jones' Diary, one of my fav films ever xx