Monday, December 6, 2010

bits and bobs

{me and justin before the christmas party on friday}

*it's fuzzy because it was taken with a phone - i need to get a new camera*

1. magazines. that unreliable girl blogged about rue. and now i am obsessed. everything in this magazine is pretty. superb inspiration. i haven't been reading magazines lately, and stumbling upon this online one has really made me miss magazines. there was a time when it was my dream job to work at a magazine.

2. music. some new favorite songs: 'play,' by correatown, 'coming home,' by the 88, 'cold december,' by matt costa, and 'sometimes,' by seabird. i've kind of been in a musical rut these last few weeks. but i have found that pandora really can cure that. just listen, favorite the songs that stand out to you, and - voila - new music! things you may never have listened to had you not put yourself out there and tried to find new stuff.

3. self. i had a moment in church yesterday, and i feel a lot better today. i just felt like ME again, suddenly. and i didn't realize i hadn't been feeling like me, until i felt like me again. i think, as an adult, it's really easy to lose yourself beneath work, hobbies, school, socializing... i think it's important to make a conscious effort to hold onto yourself. it makes you a more real and interesting person if you remember the things you like JUST BECAUSE YOU LIKE THEM, and not because it's what everyone else likes or what is the new trend. so i am thankful for that moment in which i remembered who i was yesterday. thank you.

4. hair. i've been teasing my hair lately. and putting a lot of hairspray in it. and actually fixing it. i feel so much more put together when my hair is. i've struggled with being scared of being vain or spending too much time on my appearance or being 'shallow.' but i really think, you only live once -- you should try and be your best self in any situation. a strange thing to contemplate, i guess.

5. health. i have been doing really well with brushing my teeth, removing my makeup, and washing my face every night. this is a BIG development, as i am one of those people who frequently just crash into bed without actually getting ready for bed. it's something i've always wanted to improve about myself. so it feels good to say, i've made some progress.

6. school. well, here we are at semester's end. my first step in the career change direction. it feels good to actually have some progress made. i have knocked out some hours toward completeing prerequisites. it feels lovely - i am excited! not to mention, i believe i will have As in both my anatomy and lab classes. i'm not going to lie to you and say this has been easy. it's simple to forget the work that goes into being a student (well, a successful student anyway). i've studied when i wanted to sleep, gone to class when i could have gone out... and there have been times when i've doubted this is the right path for me. but i have just accepted those as 'bad days.' i know this is what i want to do. so i am going to keep my determination turned up to 'high,' and just remember the feeling of accomplishment that comes after making an 'A' in something i've told myself time and time again that i'm not good at. in that sense, it's lovely to find i've been wrong. it's lovely to prove myself wrong and surprise myself in realizing i can do anything i set my mind to.

i'm going to wrap this post up with a list - very small things that can make my day:
1. a sweet or encouraging text message
2. a mug of hot chocolate
3. a megan video
4. writing something down & having it sound the way it does in my head

let's make this week the best it can be. goals, dreams, hopes, lists - let's go after them.


Stefany said...

I really loved this, so positive! I'm glad things are going so well for you :) My fav song just now is called The Leave Behind by Fort Christmas, I've had it on repeat x

Meagan Shack said...

i love this. i've been feeling more like "me" lately too and its a wonderful feeling. and tease that hair girl. its what an FG would do:) oh and i use smiley faces and all that shit now too. don't tell anyone.