Tuesday, November 2, 2010

tuesday's twenty

-20, to be exact-
1. i have a cupcake date with an old friend tomorrow.
2. i am moving out of my apartment this week.
3. i am concentrating on my water intake this week.
4. i am going to a ruston reunion this weekend.
5. i had such a fabulous time in dallas; now, i want to move there.
6. dallas photos were taken on a disposable camera.
7. i can't wait to have the pictures devoloped.
8. it has been rainy and stormy and i love it.
9. i've been doing my makeup like i used to in college - i love it.
10. i have As in my anatomy and anatomy lab classes.
11. i never thought i'd be good at science.
12. i'm impatient with prerequisites - i just want to start PA school.
13. i love taylor swift's new album. i love that it reminds me of my dallas trip even more.
14. i miss justin - i wish he would come home from alexandria already.
15. i have been watching the OC again, and i'm pleased to say i still think it's lovely.
16. i love my new gym - i miss it when i'm not there.
17. i miss my sister - i can't wait to go visit her in jackson.
18. i'm ready to start buying christmas presents.
19. i wish i had more time to read - i'm currently re-reading harry potter and the deathly hallows, and i really cannot wait for the first movie to come out this month.
20. i wish i were still in college. and i wish this often.


Jenny Moreau said...

The college thing...yeah, me too!

I pretty much know exactly how you feel for most all of these.

You are wonderful.

Stefany said...

I really need to drink more water too!! Good list, made me think about making one myself. I really need to get on top of things!!