Tuesday, November 23, 2010

tuesday tunes: mannheim steamroller

for as long as i can remember, christmas music meant mannheim steamroller. i remember being bundled up in my christmas sweater, jeans, and warm socks and boots, headed over to the family gathering with a trunk-full of presents for everyone. i remember the cold air and the excitement and energy of the christmas season, and how nothing ever felt as exciting as that time of year. and mannheim is always the background to those memories.

that's why it was so special to be able to attend their concert last night with my mom and dad.

and they are simply amazing live. the violinist was my favorite - i couldn't stop watching her the entire time. she had a contagious energy and seemed as though that was the one place in the world she wanted to be the most.

so thank you, mom and dad, for taking me to see mannheim. it was a great experience, and i loved it.

i did not take any video at the concert last night, but here is a sampling of them:

i'm so excited for thanksgiving, and then, on to christmas season!

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Steph said...

aww wow, feel so christmassy now. I really need to make my Christmas playlist soon!!