Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Muse & Tunes


the secrets were really good this week. especially this one.

yesterday was the re-birth of {pandora} listening for me. i listened to christmas music, classical music, classic rock music, etc. one way i discover new music is by 'sharing' the songs i like on twitter. then, i go back later and make a mix including those shared songs.

i finished reading this particular book (for the third time) last night, and there was makeup all over my face from crying. obviously, i know what happens in this book, and i don't recall ever really crying this much during this particular read, but, for whatever reason, this time it really got me.

so of course, i can't wait for this:

.. but what am i supposed to read next?


bon iver is winter music.

i love this video, by {noreasterfilms}.

unfortunately, every video for 'roslyn' has something to do with 'new moon.' so i chose this simple one.

as i was driving down i20 last night, it was raining, and this song came on my old ipod. so of course i thought of ryan and marissa and the kickoff carnival.. you know, generally, just the OC. and i loved that moment.

'paint the silence' (south)


Influence said...

Great choice of tunes, I'm obsessed with bon iver!! Also love that clip from the O.C, I miss that show!!

Diane said...

Your next book needs to be "Three Cups of Tea"!