Tuesday, November 9, 2010

list love

this week's must-do's:

1. run two mornings
if jenny & i are half-marathon-ing it in february, my butt needs to get in gear, and FAST. after a little chat with one of my coworkers, i am even more inspired and motivated to get out there and get running again.
2. gym three afternoons
setting intense fitness goals for myself - which means the gym needs to become a priority again. my non-gym rat self is starting to really miss my gym rat self.
3. make & mail out GMTTW Season Two Episode One
really excited about this. i've been working on this playlist for weeks! i still feel like no mix CD will EVER match or top the Christmas 2008 CD. yes, all future playlists have extremely large shoes to fill. hopefully one day, that playlist will come.
4. register for bpcc & tech classes
crossing off two more prerequisites this winter/spring. it feels good that i'm making progress. i just wish it could go faster. i know the end result will be worth it, though. i've just got to tell myself to keep going and not give up.
i've had 'when in rome' for almost two months. and no, i haven't watched it. i'm really bad about this sometimes. oh well, i really need to get started on watching all those classics i haven't seen.
6. study anatomy
tests round five are coming up quickly, and, as per usual, i do not feel prepared. really got to dedicate some time in the coming days. i am secretly hoping the teacher will postpone the tests. they are supposed to be this thursday (yep, as in, two days from today), but he was not there last thursday, so maybe we'll catch a break).
7. orientation for volunteering
observation/volunteer hours are about to start racking up - another step toward my goal. i couldn't be more excited about this. i hope it's fun and a good learning experience.
8. church on sunday
definitely something that i need.
9. purge my wardrobe
i have too much stuff, as evidenced by my move. the amount of stuff i have feels like it is literally weighing down my life. time to feng-shui it up. luckily, my mom has volunteered to help me with this daunting task.
10. finish hp7
the movie is coming out soon. i'm freaking out a little bit. and i'im still trying to talk my parents into reading harry potter. i'm one of those people who sincerely believes everyone would benefit from a little hp in their lives. no, i'm not kidding.
11. finish knitting project
12. cook dinner at least one night
i'm getting healthy. and that is simply the long and the short of it. plus, cooking is always on my list of things to get better at. but, lauren, in order to actually get better at something, you have to do it. duh.

i hope (but know better) that everyone is a habitual list-maker like me. it's not so much that making lists is counter-productive, it's that i don't complete the lists. like, ever. but i figure, if i post this list out here for everyone to see, i'll be much more motivated to complete it. so, on sunday... you'll be seeing this list again. hopefully with most (if not all) things crossed off.


McCumsey Family said...

i love a good list. :)

Steph said...

Sounds like a good list!! I'm always making lists and they definitely help me. Good luck with yours!! :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your list! :) I hope you get to finish them all.