Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a bit about me

i've been realizing lately that i haven't really been writing much about myself on here. this is an oddity for me, as i have been blogging for an embarassingly long time (about eight years - woah), and in the early years, all i did was write about me, how i was feeling, and all the details of the day. while i miss that a bit, i think i'll spare my readers that daily barrage of personal info. but i figured it wouldn't hurt today.

i am listening to my grey's anatomy playlist on grooveshark today.

and let me tell you, grey's anatomy music is one of my very favorite things. there is something highly inspiring about these tunes, and i feel like a large part of it is just because it's featured on what i consider to be a highly inspiring show. regardless, i like the way it makes me feel: calm, reassured, like it's ok that sometimes everything is difficult... i could go on, but i think you get the point. i like grey's anatomy. a lot. i like the music that is featured on grey's anatomy. a lot.

i like shopping. for anything.

it doesn't even matter what it is. it makes me happy to go to the grocery store to buy laundry detergent. i think i just like to spend money... that's a bad thing, isn't it? and bonus points if i get to order something online and have it delivered - that probably tops the list of 'favorite ways to purchase.' lately though, (and lately means in the last year or so) my favorite thing to purchase is beauty products. makeup, shampoo and conditioner, lotion, makeup remover, nail polish... you get the point. i just can't get enough of it.

i have had a change of weather heart.

i used to swear by the spring. i loved that the weather was getting warmer and brighter. it made me feel like my life was getting better - like there was energy and excitement and a reason to get out of bed. that sounds dramatic, but in my college years, winter was a BAD time for me. my friends and i laughed about it and coined a simple term to describe it: 'LWD,' or 'Lauren Winter Depression' (clever, right?). but seriously. after i had attended class (if i somehow summoned the strength to get out of bed and actually attend class), it was right back to bed for me. and not just like, hanging out in my bed, watching movies and/or reading. it was sleep. deep sleep. i had decided i was the victim of 'season affective disorder,' or whatever. and i just... gave up. accepted it. but something happened the year i graduated college: winter came, and i didn't have the choice of getting out of bed or staying in bed. i had a job: i had to go to work. and you know what? i liked it. i'd leave the house, bundled up in tights, boots, scarves, sweaters, coats... you see where this is going. and the cold? it was energizing. exciting. imagine my relief when i found that i could control how i felt about a season... what a discovery {heavy sarcasm, just in case you didn't catch it}. the only problem with this newfound joy in winter time is that i now find myself inclined to... well... heavily dislike summer. i've found that now i can't STAND sweating. i don't really like the clothes. i somewhat resent the fact that it's summer and i have to go to work every day. so... i guess you can say i just pulled a little switcheroo. love of summer for love of winter. but you know what? this year i'm going to work on embracing each season. and we'll see how that works. did i really just spend this long discussing the weather? the fact that i have is a subject for another post entirely...

i used to want to be a writer. now i want to be a physician assistant.

but i still want to  be a writer too. and i've decided i can do both. i am embracing the 'you can do whatever you set your mind to' mentality. in fact, i HAVE to embrace it. that is the only way i'm making it through working a full time job, going to school until 9:30 p.m. on tuesdays and thursdays, working out as much as possible, reading as much as possible, working on the myriad other little projects i set out to complete, etc. etc. etc. i'll stop now before this turns into a pity party about everything i have to do -- because let's face it -- i don't HAVE to do any of it. i choose to do it. and it secretly (underneath all the stress that sometimes threates to squash it) makes me happy. it really does. i like being busy. i do. (but there are still days i just want to stay in bed).

i really do love social networking.

i'll save you the breath and say it myself: DORK. the obvious favorites are facebook and twitter. but i also enjoy tumblr, blogspot, xanga... yep. i completely endorse the sharing of info with your peers. why else would i have this blog? i think we as humans have a tremendous ability to inspire, encourage, and motivate each other. of course, there are limits. there are parts of your life that should absolutely remain private. and that means refraining from the infamous 'overshare.' i also don't care much for the 'i'm going to the bathroom,' or 'i'm about to make a salad,' updates. if you want to share mundane little details of your life, at least spice them up with a quirky detail, like 'i'm about to make a salad... with squid and anchovies.' i guess what i mean is, keep it interesting. and yes, i know... my updates aren't always edge-of-your-seat thrilling. but i do try to evaluate the value of what i'm going to say before i say it. ::soapbox session ended::

lately i've been the 'annoying picture person.'

and i'm ok with it. i wish john mayer wouldn't have completely obliterated his twitter account, because i had favorited a little blurb of his once, that went a little something like this: 'don't listen when people get annoyed with your constant picture-taking. those same people will later ask you for copies.' and ok, i'm sure he wasn't the first person to say that. but i think of him when i think of that sentiment. because i believe it's true. which is why my camera is hovering above the table we're sitting at, taking a picture of our delicious food. or why i'm forcing you into yet another 'just our heads' picture. or why i take fifteen pictures of the road/scenery/rain/flowers/whatever else while we're on a road trip. memories.

i struggle daily with a balance for moderation. in everything.

namely, coffee. food. sweets. i love the idea of everything being ok in moderation, but it's extremely hard for me to moderate these things. i love to eat. i love sweets, especially chocolate, cakes, and brownies. i love other foods, like sushi, macaroni and cheese, stuffed crust pizza, and chinese food. and mexican food. and pasta. all of this love makes it hard for me to say no. but i'm slowly learning to balance. and my bank account is going to thank me. not to mention, my figure. i'm not going to get into the coffee (namely starbucks) addiction. this entry is already long enough.

blonde, brunette, blonde, brunette, blonde.......... brunette. blonde. brunette. BLONDE. (... brunette?)

of course i've already written this entry, but seriously. i am so fickle when it comes to hair color. i LOVE dyeing my hair. and every time i dye it a different color, i always tell myself (and sometimes, others, embarassingly) 'this is the color it's going to stay... i have decided that i am a [insert blonde, brunette, or redhead, interchangably, here].' needless to say, i always end up changing my mind. i guess it's just part of my personality or something. right now i've been getting blonde highlights. i love it. let's see how long it lasts this time.

ok, well that was fun. i need an outlet every once in a while. writing/typing things makes them make more sense to me. if that makes any sense. i hope you all are having a lovely day.


Jenny Moreau said...

This is my favorite post of yours in a really long time.

linz marie said...

More of this please!! It is perfect. I love you being you on this here blog of YOURS :) xo

Influence said...

oh wow, loved this post :) I'm going to check out that grey's anatomy playlist x