Tuesday, October 19, 2010

tuesday tunes: one single solitary song

for this week's tuesday tunes, i'll simply urge you to listen to one song that i completely love right now.

'play,' by correatown.

so this is correatown, and i plan on getting to know them for the next couple days to see if i like their other stuff. {who am i kidding - i know i will.}

like so much of the good music i've stumbled upon, i was introduced to this song by grey's anatomy. season six to be specific. episode 11, titled 'blink,' to be specific-er. i'm sure it comes to no surprise to you, dear readers, that i ADORE grey's anatomy. in fact, i re-watched season one while attempting sleep last night, for about the nth time. i nearly never tire of it. and i know that part of the reason is the fantastic music.

kara and i can spot a 'grey's anatomy song' from two miles away, with our eyes closed.

it's kind of a game we play: a song comes on the radio. one of us says, 'ok, what show would this one be on?'

we've identified grey's songs, OC songs, gossip girl songs, etc.

and this always brings us to the question: how do the people who actually get to pick songs for shows and movies, get that particular job? because we kind of want it.

any help in answering this question is greatly appreciated.


DJ said...

I definitely posted last week that this is one of my dream jobs too!! I'll fight you for the position.

Jenny Colomb said...


This companies sure do need some help in the web design realm, but hey...looks like some good contacts for that job!!

Or you post your music "resume" here - http://www.filminglouisiana.com/index.php

Glad to be of help. :)