Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Tunes: Coldplay

for the longest time, i felt about coldplay the way i feel about u2... which basically meant i felt nothing for them. i thought they were boring, and pretty much every time they came on the radio, or even a mix tape someone had made for me, i skipped over them without much thought.

i can't remember the exact time the change of heart happened, but i know it had something to do with my sister getting into them. it also had something to do with the song 'yellow.'

after hearing this song, my opinion just kind of... effortlessly morphed. it went from 'ugh, "clocks" is on the radio again.. boring.. the song lasts forever,' to 'wow. that music is just beautiful and intricate. and the lyrics are meaningful and pretty.' 

and then came 'the hardest part.'

this song reminds me of being in oxford with my friend becky. and getting ready with this album {x&y} blaring throughout her entire house. 

when i really think about why i like coldplay now, the way i like to describe it is that the music is so rich and full that i feel like i could swim through it. only one other band makes me feel this way, and i will save them for another post {because they deserve it}. 

the last thing i'll say about coldplay is that they are one of the bands that justin and i both really like {which i love, of course}. i'll leave you with a video showcasing his favorite of theirs.

{he loves that video - and every time i watch it, i'm convinced i have to see them live immediately - and kara would back up that opinion, as she HAS seen them live, and loved it}

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Anonymous said...

I used to not like coldplay before but after hearing viva la vida and yellow, I had a change of heart. :)