Sunday, October 3, 2010

Starbucks Sunday: Impromptu Alexandria Roadtrip

good sunday evening to you all. today marks the beginning of the 'starbucks sunday' feature of this little bliggity blog. as 'tuesday tunes' was, i think this is pretty self-explanatory.. but just in case it's not, the purpose of this feature is the following:

i go to starbucks every sunday. i take a picture. i post in on my blog.

so, without further adieu:

[tall non-fat no-whip pumpkin spice latte]

after all the festivities of yesterday, i hopped on i49 for an impromptu road trip to alexandria to see justin, ben, and john paul (i also got to see david and nelson). it was lovely little trip, and i'm glad i went. we saw 'the social network' today and ate at hana. let's just say that the volcano roll was so hot i thought i was going to have to be taken to the emergency room. ouch.

what i saw when i woke up this morning:

what i saw as i was heading back to shreveport:

now i'm off to go learn to knit with diane and lindsey, which i think is a perfect sunday afternoon/evening activity.


Jenny Colomb said...

love the pics and impromptu trips <3

Anonymous said...

oooh~ starbucks! makes me want to get a tall one myself now. :P


suzy said...

ooh, what did you think of the social network??

Liz said...

Mmm now I want a pumpkin spice latte!
Question: Are you using Hipstamatic for these? If so, which pak are you using that gives it that border?