Thursday, October 28, 2010


last night while drifting asleep to the OC (season two, chrismakuh episode, in case you were wondering), i felt something crawling on my back. i turned around to see this:


which makes me very sad that not this week, but next week, is our last week in 609.

we have had a lot of fun in our little apartment: movie nights, porch nights with pistachios and abita, party nights with beatles rockband, etc.

i have also watched lots of dawson's creek, and it's weird, because when i think of 609, i think of the lazy saturdays i spent cleaning, doing laundry, and watching dawson. and i'm really going to miss that.

i am going to move back home for a little while and reassess. we're searching for a really cute house or apartment, so if you know of anything, please pass on the information. i want something really unique this go-round.

in other news, anna claire and i went to see jackass 3D last night. hilarious and disgusting. i loved it.

have we ever talked about my love of bam margera?

anyways, have a lovely thursday.

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