Monday, October 25, 2010

monday muse

forgive me, dear readers - i simply MUST become better at updating over the weekends. due to illness and tired-ness and studying-ness, i will give myself the benefit of the doubt for this past weekend, but from here on out, more activity will occur on saturdays and sundays.

this video is filmed in my hometown - when i found it, lindsey and i thought it was pretty funny. we also cannot wait to do 'the zombie dance' when we next go out on the town.

last night, emily giffin (an author i quite love) tweeted,
'I just sent friend requests to the Winklevoss twins.'
i probably will today, too.

i love, love, love fall clothes.

we finally got some rain around here last night. the storm kept the puppies (and me) awake for longer than needed, but i'm still glad it's raining. and i love 'it's raining,' by quasi.


i still remember making mixtapes with my boombox - there was always a blank tape in there, and when a song i liked came on the radio (like 'baby one more time'), i'd hit the record button and VOILA -- and mixtape was in progress. this week i'll be mailing off some 'mixtape' CDs to my sister and some friends. they are almost finished.

the to-do list is miles long this week, so i'd better get started.

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Jaime Wessler said...

In case you didn't listen to the lyrics:

"Well, whatcha thinkin?
I'm thinkin' bout freakin'
We headed to the Beacon
Movin like Berney"

Hells. Yeah.