Monday, October 18, 2010

monday muse

picture medicine:

the fact that i'm moving out of my apartment at the beginning of next month is making me look forward to when i do have my own space again and will be able to decorate it.

i love this bookshelf. and it is made out of cardboard, which is really cool. a little questionable as far as durability goes, but maybe worth a try?

i hope one day i have a bold room like this.

lindsey found this web site and knew i would like it.

love the color scheme here.

i love dark eye makeup, and i've been really inspired by it lately. i had been doing kind of a more natural look lately,  but i think it's back to the eyeliner and dark browns, at least for a while. it is fall, after all.

i really want to go to greece. are they still in a fight over there? can someone tell them to make up already?

i was reading one of my favorite blogs earlier, and after seeing the pic she posted of her hott dune boots, i decided i had to have these. they haven't been purchased yet, but i'm seriously considering them. justin is going to freak if i buy any more shoes.

this is about to be my new show. i've heard rave reviews, and after looking at a few still shots, i'm fairly certain i'm going to love it. one condition, though, i have to complete dawson's creek first. i'm on season five of six. i can do this.


Meagan Shack said...

I love this post. Everything about it. particularly the apartment kitchen cause I want to redecorate mine and I've been at a loss. Well not anymore. And you also reminded me how much I love dark eye make-up. Thanks for perking up my Monday, dear.

Natalie said...

Love your list, those boots are amazing!