Wednesday, October 20, 2010

cleaning my office & other important things

my office has been teetering between 'cluttered,' and 'distracting' for the past few weeks, and that's putting it lightly, to say the least. in fact, i was so embarassed when my mom happened to stop by my office yesterday, i decided something needed to be done about the clean-/neat-liness of the space. so, today, FINALLY, i buckled down and got it clean. and i found some pretty important things along the way.

{my snack drawer has developed quite nicely}

{a note from a coworker}

{a strawberry surprise guest visitor that has been hiding out in the 'hanging keyboard bed' that i've never used - hygenic. good thing i wasn't hungry}

needless to say, it has been a day. but i still have a few more things to share with you.

{my award-winning art: composed in the 'pollock' app on my phone}

something important i found at the gym today:

{push button. receive bacon. eat bacon}

glad to have shared all of that with you all.
have a lovely day.


Jenny Colomb said...

"award winning art"

Unknown said...

Are you in need of 2.5 hrs of energy? I love the bacon dispenser- that is why I go to the gym!!