Sunday, September 12, 2010

wishful listing

see below for a list of things i would love to do. 

::disclaimer: this list does not claim to be anything more than a shallow collection of things i'd like to do/own/visit::

1. visit new york city.

i'd love to see 'mama mia.' and go shopping. and see ground zero. and see the beautiful twinkling lights of the city at night. really, the list of things is endless that i'd like to do while visiting new york.

2. drive a brand new black tahoe.

beautiful. possibly tied with #3 on this list for 'most shallow thing i want right now.'

3. weigh what i weighed in high school.

yep, this probably takes the cake for most shallow. and cake is probably something i should stay away from if i hope to achieve this any time soon.

4. write a book and have it published.

this is high on the priority list. something i've wanted to do for a really long time. i have ideas - i just need to make it happen. 

5. visit london.

a recent obsession. this took the place of my obsession with greece. and now i keep buying random things that have the UK flag on them. 

6. save enough money for all my prerequisites.


7. read fifty books in one year.

considering i read ten in one summer, this shouldn't be that hard. maybe?

8. get into PA school (and make it through).

big dream.

9. finish watching the entire 'dawson's creek' series. and watch the entire 'sex and the city' series.

i love tv on dvd.

10. start designing and sewing lots of clothes.

something i've wanted to do, well... forever. in high school, my dream was to be a fashion designer. that may not be what has panned out for me, but that doesn't mean i want to give up on it completely. 

this is all for the moment. 

another of these is soon to follow.


Unknown said...

Looooooving this list little Missy!! Let's make it happen :)

Jenny Colomb said...

Love it too. though I think sewing and reading 50 books in one year should probably happen in different years if you want to sleep and have a job and be in school at the same time.

LOL love you!

Steph said...

Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog! I love this post and you can definitely make this list happen!!

DJ said...

well you obviously know I love lists and I love reading other people's, too. Maybe if all of your followers start bugging you about your list items, you'll succumb to pressure and just do it. I'm going to ask you how your book is coming the next time I see you!