Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Tunes: Metric & Elliott Smith (and maybe a quick appearance by someone else)

hello out there, dear readers. it has been entirely too long, and for that, i apologize. i have definitely missed writing. i am hoping october will be a month for frequent blogging, and to help out with that, i've set up some daily blog ideas that will hopefully encourage me to hang around on here more often.

today we will kick off with 'tuesday tunes,' which i think is pretty self-explanatory.

yesterday afternoon i stumbled upon this cover that metric did of 'between the bars,' one of my favorite elliott smith songs. since i really like metric, and since elliott smith is one of my musical life forces, of course i was pretty pumped to run across this combo.

'it wasn't music as much as medicine.'

it's a strange thing when you finally discover a musical artist you can completely relate with. in 2001, i was introduced to elliott smith through my boyfriend at the time, and i've never looked back. elliott smith's haunting, relatable, honest lyrics always remind me we're not alone in our struggles. and that's a powerful thing. 

and to offset the somewhat somber note of this post, here is something to brighten up your day:

oh, and this:


suzy said...

mmmm i love metric.

Liz said...

Oh.my.GOODNESS. Between the Bars is my favorite Eliott Smith song and Metric just totally blew my mind covering it. Wow.