Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the post-it post

when i say that my desk at work is covered in post-its, i'm not kidding.

when i come across something i want to check out, something i like, something i want to buy, a cool song, etc... it goes on a post-it, which, in turn, is stuck to my bookshelf, computer monitors, or any remaining free surface of my desk.

realizing the enormity of impact that these little stickies have on my daily life, i decided today was the day to thank the inventor, arthur fry.

[photo via wikipedia]

thank you arthur.

sometimes it's so refreshing to realize how simple creativity really can be, if you let it.

[the view from here]

[post-it poetry]

**if you look closely at the last pic, you'll see one of the subjects of one of my previous posts**


Jenny Colomb said...

like it. like it. like it.

Meagan Shackelford said...

you're desk look very similar to mine. post-itwise.