Thursday, September 16, 2010

bloggerly love

just in case you were wondering...

that's right. i love them. i love reading them, being inspired by them, learning from them... etc.

that's what inspired me the last couple of days to meticulously comb through all the blogs i follow to see who they follow. it's a great way to see who inspires them and who they enjoy reading. [and chances are, since you enjoy reading their blogs, you'll enjoy the blogs they enjoy] <--- wordy enough for you?

the end result was a list of approximately 52 new sites for me to check out. a bit overwhelming, yes, but i think it will be worth it in the end, as i think i have stumbled across some truly inspiring and unique pages.

the plan is to follow all of  these blogs for  the next week or so, then i will announce my favorites so you can check them out too. <3 a little labor of love!

my new favorite blogs will be included when my page undergoes another facelift, which i'm aiming for in october. so worry not, the fun new blogs will be easily accessible from here!

please share with me any blogs you think are noteworthy - share the wealth! the way i see it, the more to read, the merrier!

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