Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010: Memphis :)

kara and i woke up to a chickfila breakfast waiting for us outside our bedroom door. we ate breakfast in bed! then, we got up and got ready to do some shopping. we found out where we wanted to go, got the address, entered it into the tom tom (aka tommy boy) and began our journey to wolfchase mall. apparently, this particular mall is 'hated' by locals, but kara and i didn't seem to have a problem with it ||see below||

as my mom said after we sent her this picture,
'that's when it comes in handy to have an SUV.'

after all the shopping festivities, and the acquisition of the pink leopard print straightener i HAD TO HAVE, we ventured back over to germantown and francis took us for some ben & jerry's. kara and i were overwhelmed at the prospect of being in an actual free-standing ice cream shop of this particular persuasion. we decided upon coffee-ice cream-flavored drinks from there, because if we just want the ice cream, we can always stop by our neighborhood brookshires.

pure bliss :)

after we enjoyed our drinks and chatted for a while, it was time to get ready for
we were so excited! and got to wear some of our new stuff.

the venue, minglewood hall, was really cool, and claudine used to work there, so we got a tour the day before. the lights in the actual concert hall were AWESOME! ||see pics below||

||the show was part of hanson's 'shout it out' tour||
||silvery sparkly nails||
||kara's signed shirt - we met rooney after their set||
||my shirt, which i LOVE (they signed in the orange part)||

we had a blast at the show, got to visit with rooney after their set, and got to see the legendary hanson. zac is still my favorite, by the way. it was quite a milestone for me, considering i had 62 posters of them on my wall as a pre-teen child.

after the show, we tried to locate a wal-mart, but quickly found ourselves in an undesirable area of town. we simply got back on the interstate and headed for our more familiar stomping grounds. we got some large drinks from wendy's and headed back to the townhouse to sleep!


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