Tuesday, August 10, 2010

two-fer tuesdays [razzmatazz]

Yeah, it will be ok
Do nothing today
Give yourself a break
Let your imagination run away
it should suffice to say that yesterday was difficult.

however, on the bright side:

  • i cooked crock pot dinner - bbq chicken & veggies - yum!

  • i packed my lunch & made my own pot of coffee in the morning.

  • adventureland was watched for a third time. justin liked it.

  • i wore my british flag flats.

  • late night gas & wal-mart trip with justin was fun.

  • i laughed a lot, after work.
i've been reading 'eat, pray, love,' by elizabeth gilbert, and i absolutely love her. i read in a magazine interview that she has a list of ten things she does every day to stay happy and balanced. i adapted the list to work for myself. i typed it out hastily on my phone the other night so i wouldn't forget my own personal daily resolutions. i love this idea.

here's to being happy and balanced!

today i've been taking it a little easier and listening to heart on grooveshark.
i also bought weezer's new single, 'memories,' and taylor swift's new single, 'mine.'

tonight will consist of working out and reading, at the very least.

i'm getting really excited for slidell on friday - ready to see jenny & everyone else! i will be getting my first ever professional massage, and i'm ready to see what all the fuss is about.

have a lovely rest of the day. i'm going to leave you with some adventureland still shots. the soundtrack is fantastic, by the way.

oh, kstew, i go back & forth between loving & not-loving you.

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Jenny Moreau said...

Apparently you've been going blog crazy and I was missing out. I had to actually click to the next page of posts to start from where I left off last. I, you know, have been a slacker.

Love this new phone thing you got going on.

And, everytime I mean to comment about the fact that you haven't ever had a prof. massage before. You will feel the need to have one on a regular basis and start to justify why you do get one on a regular basis. It literally releases stress you never even know you had and leaves you in a state of happiness. Get ready.