Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010: On The Road Again

we began our journey around 9 a.m., headed for the furthest north either of us have ever traveled.

as we saw more and more signs indicating we were getting closer, we got more and more excited.

driver = goober.
kara = not amused.

||driving over the bridge into memphis||
||'are we in tennessee yet?' finally got answered with a 'yes!'||
||st. jude||

after we had finally arrived, kara's friend, francis AKA fran-dog, drove us around for a tour of the city.

we met up with his sister, claudine, and they took us downtown for a beautiful view of the sunset over memphis, after dinner at central bbq, which was DELICIOUS. it was h-o-t there, but this was a lot of fun.

then, we hit up ||beale street||. we had to go early,  because k & f are underage, and you have to be of age to be on the street after ten o'clock. this is the old ||daisy||, and i think it's beautiful.

||beale street||
we remarked that this looks a lot like bourbon, only smaller and cleaner.

the rest of this day was spent hanging out with friends, hula-hooping, and sweating like crazy. it was lovely!

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