Monday, August 30, 2010

that's right folks...

the blog got a little facelift.

mainly because i can't bring myself to continue something with such a narrow focus. i've had many blogs in the past (nerd), and none of them have ever been geared toward specific subject (except, well... me). i don't know why i thought that would be a good idea now -- but, as you can see, i've gone once again with my old ways of generalization and freedom. the conditions under which i work the very best.

so here we go again.

it's a day filled with monday blues, so i thought i'd list out a few things that make me happy:

1. this awesome project. if i were actually good at drawing (which is not the case, according to my freshman year drawing teacher), i would definitely be submitting one. i have so many talented friends, so any of you interest folks should definitely consider being a part of this.
2. studying anatomy. i know, nerd alert (once again). but i find that once you are involved in something you have a genuine interest for, you are so much more focused and productive.

3. working out. it will henceforth be viewed as my way of winding down after work. the perks are limitless: feeling better healthwise, feeling better imagewise, looking more toned, being able to eat chocolate cake at lunch, etc. etc. etc.
4. reading. i'm nearing the completion of 'eat pray love,' by elizabeth gilbert, which i borrowed from lindsey. i've been holding off on seeing the movie until after i finish the book. i've heard mixed reviews, so i'm anxious to see it for myself. but, i have to say - this book and this woman are extremely inspiring to me. it even went so far as to inspire this list.

5. dark kiss, the new scent at bath and body works. the credit for this goes again, to lindsey (what would i do without you?!)


y'all, i am seriously addicted to tv on dvd. here is a collection of my favorites:
(i'm obviously in a really listy mood today; hope you don't mind.)

1. the OC
anyone who knows me (especially from college) know that this is one of my VERY favorite shows (owing largely, in part, to benjamin mckenzie's character, ryan). but really, i love this show. i think it is seriously underestimated. once you get past all the glitz and glamour, which i love, there is a real, touching story. for all you cynics out there, give this one a shot. you're going to like it more than you thought you would, guaranteed.

2. gilmore girls
this show is serious medicine for my soul. and my life role model is lorelai gilmore. that's all i can really say about this show - i love it too much to have an accurate opinion of it. ridiculous, right? i take these shows way too seriously for my own good. gilmore girls improves my life - and makes me feel better like nothing else (well, except maybe the next show on this list).

3. dawson's creek
calling all who love(d) the 90s: this show is for you. if you're like me, you didn't watch dawson's creek when it aired on television. i was too busy with elementary school and gymnastics practice to tune in to this provocative, endearing, and ulitimately, comforting show. the coastal town that provides the setting is homey, girl-and-guy-next-doorsy, and basically makes you wish you could re-live the wonder years of high school. it's ok if you get a bit depressed and wish you could go back - just live vicariously through them, like i do. as i stated before, this show, along with gilmore girls, provides me comfort and peace after a long stressful day at work.

4. grey's anatomy
justin and i actually went to wal-mart yesterday afternoon, thinking that the sixth season of this particular show was already released on dvd. we planned to spend the entire rest of the afternoon/evening/night watching it. but alas, after a rather embarassing conversation with two male employees (who obviously care next to nothing about grey's anatomy) we re-googled it (not telling you who googled it first), and discovered that it does not come out until september. oops.

5. true blood
so we watched this instead. i have to admit, when kara and i first sat down and watched the first season of true blood, i wasn't sold until probably the middle of the second disc. frankly, i was appalled at the vulgarity of it. once that died down a bit, and once i stopped being annoyed by their hick accents (now they're endearing to me), kara and i both realized we love it. plus, stephen moyer is quite attractive.

and to wrap things up, i want to mention a show i saw for the first time last night, and that i think i will quite enjoy, as it is set in a glamorous locale, is about snobby rich people, and the main character is a doctor:

royal pains
i'm still forming an opinion on this one, but i'll be sure to let you know if it's worth checking out.

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linz marie said...

in the same listy fashion:
1. You're awesome
2. You're funny
3. You're sweet
4. You have good taste in tv shows
mmmk, thanks.