Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010

errands. lunch. cupcake gallery.

we had fun :)

saturday consisted of justin playing golf with dad, watching valentine's day since it arrived by way of netflix, lots of coffee and some drawing, the above-mentioned errands/lunch/cupcake gallery outing, as well as some grocery shopping at target with anna claire and justin. i got the ingredients for two recipes for the week, and i was shocked [in a good way] at how inexpensive it turned out being.

after returning to 609, we lounged around and watched adventureland, which i am in LOVE with, took a nap, and then engaged in some twilight wal-mart shopping. this is not to be confused with a world in which vampires and wearwolves exist [though you all know by now that i love those books and movies]. we are talking about my favorite time of day, as evidenced by the below photograph.

beautiful. i sent this picture to kara, because she always takes pics of the sky. she liked it.

then, we cooked stirfy, wrote down recipes, watched 'what happens in vegas' and 'waiting,' and then, finally, went to bed.

a wonderful day.

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